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Check out whats hot! (In online Gaming!!!1!!!)

2010-07-11 13:01:28 by TheBigCheeser

Hey non-cheeser fans (i know u hate me) im the BC tellin u whats hot and whats not.

Combat arms, fps perfection, mmo/halo style shooter. u can do alot with this game, chat while fragging ur opponents on other usrs or just fun- fragging the infection zombies. and choose from ovr 200 awesome weapons and about a lot of weapon mods.

Roblox: do wut u want. free. well. its free to pla but not 2 build. But u can find creations based off of just about anyting. if ur in the mood, check it out.

Bite Fite: horrible. bascly, it sux. i thought it would be opn world cartoonish 3 dimensional, like Adventur Quest worlds but...

Adventure quest world: awesome cartoonish MMORPG. a fight against dragon-goblin, troll, evil ded dudes, etc. open world, lots of excitement, check it out.

theres so many othrs that id like to list, but the problem is im on a tight schedule, so... for now goodbye, ill be back with part 2 soon.

Check out whats hot! (In online Gaming!!!1!!!)


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2010-07-11 14:43:07

fuck you you little faggot

thats hilarious almost as hilarious as that time i strapped a baby to my ironing board and then took a big nasty shit all over his chest while he cried

TheBigCheeser responds:



2010-07-25 02:52:38

Cute. You know if you stay motivated and continue working on improving your reviews, like reviewing more relevant titles maybe as you get old some day you'll be as famous as Angry Video Game Nerd. It's possible. Keep at it.

TheBigCheeser responds:

That guy's my hero!